As chocolatequest is not yet available to versions beyond 1.7.10, I figured I'd make a page about mods providing similar or the same features in more recent versions:

Grapplemod Edit

There's a mod around that adds grappling hooks that work fairly similarly to the old CQ ones, including a bunch of specialized versions, like one that allows you to leap forward by Right-clicking while on the line, and an item that makes blocks repel you, which is easily the most fun movement method ever, provided you can do something about the fall damage.

Buillitrooper's Dungeons and more Edit

This mod is crazy WIP, currently featuring just one dungeon, with a couple mobs, an armor set, and two weapons. None of the items are obtainable, everything has development names and textures, the monsters are buggy, and yet through all of this, it still feels unequivocally like a successor to chocolatequest.

Recurrent Complex Edit

Though it won't give you any non-vanilla loot or enemies, Recurrent Complex does an excellent job at allowing you to create structures, possibly populated with monsters, and making them spawn throughout the world.

Dungeon Tactics Edit

Another place with fairly chocolatey feeling dungeons, although these more in the vein of old chocolatequest, what with some procedural generation, and the classic spawner-on-top-of-chest gag. It adds a bunch of varied interesting mechanics, like duct tape for repairing weapons, and hammers and daggers, the latter of which feel a little like chocolate quest in their own right.

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