Abyss Walker King
Walker king
The Abyss Walker King
Name: Abyss Walker King
Total HP: 500
Member of faction: mob_walker
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.abyssWalkerboss
Drops: King Armor,0-1 Shield,Walker Sword,Badge.
Boss Monster: Abyss Walkers
Found in: All Snow Castles.

The Walker King looks like a regular walker, but he wears King Armor and Colored Diamond Armor. He bears a walker sword and a shield. He is definitely the strongest boss in the mod, even being able to give Shelob a run for her money.

Faction Edit

Enemies: Undead, Gremlin, Pirate, Mecha Golem.

Allies: Walkers

Combat Edit

The Abyss Walker King teleports and blocks with his shield, beside also hitting hard! He can also shoot 2 tornadoes: an abyss one which will encase around you, and a walker one which will spread all around the place. Careful out there!
Walker king classic

Classic walker king before abyssal rise

Trivia Edit

  • If you have the Morph Mod installed, and you defeat the Abyss Walker King, instead of his morph, you will turn into a pig