Chocolate-Quest-Cursed- Bone

Chocolate Quest Cursed Bone

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A horde of skeletons summoned by the Cursed Bone.

The Cursed Bone is a magical item that is used to spawn the Summoned Undead. The Summoned Undead are basically unarmed and unarmored skeletons. While you have the Cursed Bone selected right-click on the ground and a skeleton will appear and fight your enemies. That's right! Ally Skeletons! And, Best of all, when these skeletons damage entities, you get healed! The Cursed Bone can be found as a drop when you kill a Lich, Necromancer or Pig Mage. The pig mage's skeletons are actually wither skeletons, as is reflected by its dorp. Alternatively, you can also find cursed bones that summon undead dogs rarely in dungeon chests.
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Wielding the magic Bone.