There are at least 5 Mobs with the Flee-AI found throughout the dungeons. There may be more. If any are found, feel free to add to this page.

Wizard Castle Edit

The Wizard Castle has one flee-AI mob, and I call him Fred the Gardener.

2016-10-08 11.43.10


Lake Castle Edit

This one also only has one flee-AI mob. I call him Fleming the Fisherman. He seems to be naked.

Ravine Castle Edit

2016-10-08 12.28.23


2016-10-08 12.19.44


The Ravine Castle has one flee-AI mob. I know him as Frank the Librarian.

Alchemist Castle Edit

2016-10-08 12.24.38


2016-10-08 12.25.18


The Alchemist Castle is home to half of all currently-known flee-AI mobs. In brief: Frederick the Brewing King, Franklin the Siege Architect, and Fernando the... imprisoned.

2016-10-08 12.26.22


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