Chocolate Quest Gremlin 1
A Gremlin
Name: Gremlin
Total HP: 20
Member of faction: mob_gremlin
Entity ID: chocolateQuest.gremlin
Drops: Default CQ mob Drops
Boss Monster: Gremlin Boss

Gremlins are hostile mobs who are lead by the Gremlin Boss, and are fairly nasty fighters.

The average unarmored Gremlin has 10 hearts and does half a heart of damage with no weapon. Gremlins are found around and about in random dungeons. When at lower then half health the gremlins will retreat and drink a healing potion, then they will return to the fight. 
Gremlin I tested on

Meet the Gremlin! (the life story of a Gremlin named 'Gremlin')Edit

"YARRRR!" says gremlin. After all, why should Pirates get to say all the cool things? Gremlin isn't an undead or anything, Gremlin's a Gremlin! Of course Gremlins are a real thing! What is wrong with you? Why are you questioning it? Haven't you seen them crawling around in YOUR Basement? That's another thing about Gremlins: they love basements. Unfortunately, Gremlin and his pals have all been brainwashed, so they do not remember this important fact. Gremlin's favorite pastimes include: Polishing his weapon, Stabbing things with his weapon, Shooting things with his weapon, and trying to "out-YARRRR" the pirates!

Gremlins are only half implemented, since their old dungeon type, the swamp/jungle caves, have not yet returned to the mod. They may be found rarely in various other dungeons though, or be found attacking villages, so don't cross them off entirely!

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