1.10+ replacementsA legacy of thieves packAbyss Walker
Abyss Walker KingAdvanced Dialogs TutorialAlchemy Bag
Ambient ActionsAmmo LoaderAncient Lore
Angry MinotaurArmor StandBackpack
BadgesBandit CampsBanner
Banner HolderBiome Mod Support - Biomes O' Plenty, BiomesXL, ect.Boss Block
BroadswordsBubble CannonBull
Bull ArmorBull GreatswordBull Horn Battle Axe
Bull LeatherBulletsCan someone help me with my Chest Config files?
CannonCannon BulletCastles
ChangelogChocolate Quest FAQChocolate Quest Item id's
Chocolate Quest Mod InstallationChocolate Quest Resource Pack Patch for Sphax Pure BDcraftChocolatin
Classes - New Mob AICloud BootsCommands
Crafting RecipesCrazytobuildmcs DungeonsCursed Bone
DaggersDiamond GreatswordDragon
Dragon HelmetDummyDungeon Bricks
Dungeon ConfigurationDungeon EggsDungeon Exporting Tutorial
Dungeons exporterDwarven Bazaar (Semi-PMD)Dwarven Village (Semi-PMD)
Dyeable ArmorElement stonesElemental Golems
ElementalsElementsElite Crypt Walkers
Empty SpawnersExporter ChestFRanz2018
Farmer's Settlement (PMD)Features OverviewFlee-AI Mobs
Giant / MonkingGiant ZombieGreat Pyramid (PMD)
Gremlin BossGremlinsGrog
Grove of Evil (PMD)Healing PotionHeavy Armor
HingedPrisms DungeonsHookshootsI need help
Inquisition ArmorIron GreatswordItem Pricings
Kakas123455's DungeonsKingOre's DungeonsKing Armor
Known IssuesLichLvsrsRedDragon's Dungeons
Machine gunMage ArmorMage Robe
MandrilsMarkinMecha Golem Upgrades
Mecha GolemsMeldexun's Dungeon PackMercenary Inn Patch (Semi-PMD)
Mercenary controllerMining DisruptorMinotaurs
Mob Spawn ItemsMob To SpawnerMonking Weapons
MoonlightMorning ShineMrSheepington
MummiesMummy BossMuskets
NPC TutorialNPC VillagesNPCs
NecromancerNecromancer's Tower (PMD)Neptune's Temple (PMD)
Nether CitiesNull BlockOrc Village (PM....H?)
Party Control KeyPath MarkerPig Mage
Pig ZombiePiratePirate Captain
Pirate ShipsPlayer-Made DungeonsPoint Marker
Portal RockProper Dungeon DesignPyromancer
Removed FeaturesRevolverRifle
Roboliuta's DungeonsRosariesRusted Gear
ScouterSek dungeonsServers
Shamanish's DungeonsShieldsShotgun
SkeletonSlime ArmorSlime Ball
Slime BossSnow CastlesSoul in a Jar
Specter BossSpell Swapping keysSpells
Spider ArmorSpider BossSpider leather
StaffsStamina barStrongholds
Summoned UndeadSuper Tool!Sword and Shield
Teleport StonesTest-test.propThe Alchemist
The ButcherThe Chocolate Quest WikiThe Ender Squad
The FlamethrowerThe HammerThe Prospector
Trickster DaggerTurtle ArmorTurtle Boss
Turtle CavesTurtle ScalesUndeadungeons
Upcoming FeaturesUpcoming Features and FixesUser Based Content
Walker SwordWandsWater Pump
Wiki CreditsWitch HatXiraxis

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