Chocolate Quest Mercenary Controller

The Mercenary Controller is a multifunction tool that is used to tell mobs what to do. Including Dummies, NPCs, Mecha Golems and other Chocolate Quest mobs. It has three different modes that you can switch by hitting Shift+Right Click. The modes are Move, Set Ward Position and Team Editor.

Move Edit

In this mode you can tell a mob to move and where to walk to. While holding the item, Left-Click on the mob or mobs that you want to move. Then point to the spot that you want the mob to move to and Right-Click. The mob will move to that spot.

Set Ward Position Edit

Tells the mob which position to ward.

Team Editor Edit

This mode is used to create parties of mobs, NPCs or Dummies. While holding the item, Left-Click on the mob or mobs that you want to assign to a commander. Then Right-Click on the mob that you want to become the commander. A feather will appear on top of the head of the commander. The subordinate mobs will follow the commander. You will want to change the settings in the mobs inventory GUI.

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