We will plunder you're booty!

The Pirate King! (Old version)

Pirate Ships are the Dungeons of the Seas, housing a multitude of Pirates, including Gunners, Swordsmen, and even the Swift and elusive Pirate King! There are various sizes of ships, from small Caravels, to great Galleons!

Types of ShipsEdit

corruptedShip Edit

CorruptedShip 1

A tiny ship that's partially made of Nether blocks.

creeperShip Edit

CreeperShip 1

Galleon Edit

Galleon 1

GalleonCannons Edit

GalleonCannons 1

OceanWievShip Edit

OceanWievShip 1

PirateIsland Edit

the large pirate island that houses tons of pirates and rooms and the Pirate Captain

Pirate Island 1

RedFlagShip Edit


SkeleShip Edit


smallGalleon Edit

SmallGalleon 1

smallPirateShip Edit

SmallPirateShip 1

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