This is simply a list of various items that are no longer in the game, it is not yet complete, and contains no description of the items, if you want that: look on the better dungeons wiki.

Removed mobsEdit

  • Dogs (Very similar to the Wolves in Vanilla Minecraft!)
  • Horses (Now in Vanilla Minecraft!)
  • Bird-Things (try herefor something much like them! )
  • Several human bosses (ie. Dwarf Engineer,Minotaur Boss)
  • Cerberus boss-thing (A large wolf boss that shoots fireballs,found underground)
  • Exterminator Prototype (A.k.a the Mutant Iron Golem,or the Golem Boss. See here for what it was.)
  • Nether Dragon (A boss mob that looked like a long Wyvern or Chinese Dragon, and it attacked similar to Gotterfunken.)

Removed itemsEdit

  • Soul Sword
  • Soul Dagger
  • Soul BigSword 
  • Spiked Gloves (Replaced with the Spider Armor!)
  • Capsules (Removed Because reason below.)
  • Capsule stations (Removed Because of a Server Duping Issue.)
  • Bubble Gun (Replaced with the Bubble Cannon!)
  • Bubble Cannon (Replaced with the Water Pump and the Magic Prison Spell.)
  • Magic Scrolls (Replaced with the Staves and the Spells!)
  • Monking Sword (Replaced with Monking Weapons)
  • Golden Feather (The Cloud Boots could already do everything it could and more.)
  • More stuff too! I Just don't remember what!