Hello! Welcome to my dungeon-maker's page. My hundle name is "Nof.M" or "SekaiseifukuP", and here is my profile page. I will introduce my several "Player-Made Dungeons" (These dungeons are for CQ 1.7.10 - 1.0)

Download Edit

Download from here .

For playing, put the files into this folder after you got the files: .minecraft\config\Chocolate\DungeonConfig 

update :

2016/7/16 v04 ; added "Necromancer's House" and "Sacherburg"

2016/5/30 v03_2 ; modified "Elvish Village" and "Elvish Library"

2016/5/15 v03 ; added "Elvish Village", "Elvish Library" and "Monster Tree"

2016/5/3 v02_2 ; modified "church" & "aqua castle"

2016/3/23 v02 ; added "Labyrus" 

"Team" Edit

There are three adventurers in the tent. If you click the brave warriors, their inventory opens. Choice "Join my team" and "Formation". You can become a companion of them. Surely, they will assist your journey. You can change their equipments with your item. But if they are killed, the item will disappear in that instant.

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2016-02-11 09.56.33

"Church" Edit

In prayer by priests, all sins forgiven. Your "inquisition reputation" point is raised when you talk to priest. And you can get some magic wand by exchanging the emerald.

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"Black Dungeon" Edit

It is said that huge amount of wealth were buried in the depths of the dungeon. Wizard of flame would thwart your way.

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"Aqua Castle" Edit

Minecrafters who arrived in the castle, would have been pushed down to the underground labyrinth. The evil warriors are good at attack by bow. The Citadel on the surface of the sea, three of skilled warriors and "Archer king" would await the minecrafter. I wonder really minecrafters can rescue Hanako...?

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2016-02-03 23.28.39

"Labyrus" Edit

The ruined fortress kingdom was called "Labyrus" in the old days. Many merchants and adventurers lived here in peace and traded actively. But one day, residents disappeared suddenly. No one knows why this place gone to ruin...


"Elvish Village"Edit

Shineing nuts Illuminate a forest, and keep monsters away from the village. Elves live in here in peace. You can receive quests, trade some weapons and befriend with them.

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"Elvish Library"Edit

You will receive one quest from librarian of this library. You can buy some enchantment books after complete the quest.

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"Monster Tree"Edit

The sacred tree were cursed by evil gremlins. Elves who are guardians of this tree were missing. This dungeon is so difficult!!

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2016-05-14 23.53.59

"Necromancer's House"Edit

Young necromancers live in the end of the Nether unbeknownst to anybody. They might be able to rivive your dead fellows... (limited character who appears on the "Sek_dungeons" pack)



Evil arc wizard girl lives in the black castle named "Sacherburg". The subordinate soldiers wear bloody armer. You might find some secret doors in this dungeon. Daredevils like exploring this dungeon with an easygoing  thinking would fall in the magma right away...