Slime Armor 1

The Slime Armor is a set of armor. If full set is worn, every time the wearer gets damaged, part of the damage will be transformed into a slime mob that springs off of the armor. The slimes will slowly jump towards the armor and on collision will restore some health. The slimes are harmless but apply slowness on contact to other entities. Each piece of armor increases health, but it also reduces knock back resistance by 0.25 per piece of the set. The Slime Amor is obtained by collecting Slime Balls that are dropped by the Slime Boss. The Slime Balls can be given to an NPC blacksmith to craft the armor.

Slime Helmet Edit


+4 Maximum Health, -.025 Knockback Resistance

Slime Plate Edit

+4 Maximum Health, -.025 Knockback Resistance

Slime Pants Edit

+4 Maximum Health, -.025 Knockback Resistance

Slime Boots Edit

+4 Maximum Health, -.025 Knockback Resistance

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