This is a page on planned features for the mod. Things the mod does not yet contain, but it's been stated that they are coming.

The mod has not been updated in a while now, and its unclear whether these things are still going to happen.

Dungeons Edit

-Some of the old dungeons such as the underwater cities and the skyscrapers are tentatively planned to return. It's also possible, that since these dungeons are sort-of outside the general theme of the mod, that they will just be released on chocolatin's player made dungeons page. Also; Specters, minotaurs, and gremlins should be getting dungeons of their own.

-Dwarven village and Dwarven Bazaar are two village designed made by Chocolatin that ArloTheEpic is designing the npcs in. These might be in a future version.

-Player made dungeons: Some dungeons made by players, particularly HingedPrism's, are expected to be added in the future.

General Updates Edit

-Update to current versions of Minecraft. (Mod is currently for 1.7.10)

-Fixing of the things on this page.

-Custom NPC models.

Blocks & Items Edit

-More things.

-Possible returns of the Soul Weapons and Capsule stations, as these are fan favorite removed items.

Obtainability of Items Edit

-These Items are currently unobtainable, but should be. The ones followed by a '-D' are obtainable in the Dwarf Village or Dwarf Bazaar, and ones followed by '-T' are found in Hingedprism's Triton Dungeons.

  • Monking weapons -T/D
  • Mecha Golems -D
  • Heavy Mecha Golems -D
  • Mecha Golem Guns -D
  • Spiderhook -T
  • Some types of dungeon bricks.

Mobs Edit

Some mobs like tritons are expected to have non-npc forms show up, as well as some returning bosses like the triton boss.

Other Edit

Chocolatin will continue to add things that nobody expects, because he's Chocolatin.