Just a helpful list for when/if chocolatin undies again.

Things confirmed to be on the way Edit

-Full version of 1.1 for minecraft 1.7.10

-Version for minecraft 1.8.8/9

-More development of the magic system.

Things that might be on the way Edit

-More dungeons

-More mobs

-More bosses

-More neat loot

-More awesome

-Dwarf Dungeons/Villages

-Triton Dungeons/Villages

-Teleport rocks available alternatively as spells for staffs/wands/rosaries

-Capsule stations "Might" come back if duping can be minimized.

-Ingame documentation (Difficult, as this mod needs to be fully functional in about four different languages.)

Things that need to happen Edit

-Mention on the Curseforge page to direct all questions to the minecraft forum page or wiki.

-Keep the MCF page with a clear listing of "Download for latest stable version" and "Download for latest development version," rather than trickling development versions around various random pores of the wiki and forum.

Bugs to fix Edit

-Make the game not try to spawn dungeons in the end from no folder whatsoever by default.

-Better support for Banners and other mod's items in player-made dungeons.

Suggestions Edit

Put 'em on the suggestions page. Not here.

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