So.  The following is based around the lore of CQ.  None of this is canon, this is just me being bored.

One of the things I noticed while playing is, with the exception of Lakecastle, the undead mobs seem to build downwards.  I would also add wizcastle to those built upwards, but it has a decent-sized set of sewers below it, and the Slime Boss.  I will not be counting the Gremlins here in this blog post.  Just cuz.  

Then, you observe the Walker's Snow Castles.  Notice they are generally built towards the sky.  Remember none of this is canon, I'm just making up lore.  This would indicate the Walkers enjoy being in/looking at this world, and that they are merely forced northwards.  

The pirates would seem to be simple, yet they are not.  They rule the seas for no apparent reason but to get in the way. Perhaps this is simply to interfere with the Diurna Inquisition, but who knows?  It is also unknown where the pirates aquire their technology, as the only thing more advanced is the Dwarve's Mecha Golems.  Can we credit the pirates with the invention of small projectile weapons in CQ?  If this is the case, they could instead have a thriving economy as arms dealers.  Why resort to pirating?

Ah yes, the Inquisition.  It must forever pain the undead leadership to know the pirates were successful in removing them from the surface of the sea, yet they cannot force them off the land.  As we know, the Inquisition is happy to trade with you, making them a very friendly group of people... in fact the ONLY friendly group of people.  With a large infrastructure (I speak largely of the Triton city and farm created by HingedPrism, which, from what I hear of the Tritons, sound accurate.  I also would like to mention the Inquisition villages aboveland.), the only thing keeping the Inquisition from striking back against the pirates and the undead is lack of numbers.  This could exlain why they want you as a friend.  

The Bull.  I don't know why I felt this blog post should be wrapped up with this gigantic bovine, but meh.  The bull is unusual, as it is not use as an actual boss in any of the castles.  In fact, it's only appearances are in the Arena, and when you are tasked to search it out and destroy it!  This would indicate unruliness, even more than a Giant Turtle, Spider or Mandrill.  The old Ice Bull was used in the older dungeons in an ice cave (and re-adding Ice Bull with 450 or more HP and adding a set of armor available for it would be awesome, but keep the standard bull.), but the current Bull?  Well... it just ain't loved by the Undead or the Walkers. 

Oh, and could someone please tell me if you can, and, if possible, how to make NPCs drop experience?


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