Little was changed in Undeadungeons 1.2.

PulitawnCastle edited:  I forgot to add the painting to cover up a secret chest.

NEW DUNGEON:  TurtleDungeon.

Dungeon Design:

Lake up top with a hole towards center.

Hole leads to a two-floor gappy grotto.

SLIME (as in, lots of Slime Spawners) PIT AT THE BOTTOM OF GROTTO! DO NOT FALL IN.

More Maze, this time with stone bricks.  Many fireplaces are present.

2nd floor of maze!  In a poorly-hidden room, the 2 Salamanders wait... don't worry:  Lots of Loot inside.

Bottom floor isn't really a maze:  Fight through 3 Iron Armor Turtles and 2 Diamond Armor Turtles before fighting the Turtle Master.  Also in a large walled-off room, a Standard Turtle Boss awaits.  


Turtle Soldiers (45 Health, Regeneration 3)

Salamanders (100 Health, Regeneration 4)

Turtle Master (300 Health, Regeneration 3, Turtle Plate Armor)

Well, there you have it!  Maybe next I'll do a dungeon for the Erebus mod...

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